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Juni Sun Neyenhuys, born in 1997 and based in Berlin, studied product design at the University of Art Berlin (UdK) and textile design at the Academy of Art and Design Weissensee Berlin for her bachelor’s degree. She now works at the intersection of innovative, sustainable material development and conceptual design towards a circular economy. This means a comprehensive approach to material, process and conception – for which interdisciplinary and experimental work is key.

During her studies, she received the support of the Study Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation and specialized in the development of algae-based materials. In this context, the interdisciplinary team mujō with Annekathrin (chemistry and process engineer) and Malu (biodesigner) was formed in 2018. In spring 2020, Juni went on a research trip to Japan and visited a variety of craftsmen to dive deeper into the material culture and traditional crafts. After returning, she and her team received a Scholarship from Design Farm Berlin. During this time, they further developed the concept of using seaweed to create packaging materials that are completely biodegradable and circular. At the beginning of 2021, they decided to establish their own company. Since then, Juni has focused on implementing mujō’s vision, developing a marketable product and building the company together with her wonderful team.