mujō I 2020 – today

454 million tons of plastic are produced across the world each year, over a third of them are used for packaging. Most of it ends up in landfill or polluting the ocean as they biodegrade too slowly – some over centuries. mujōs mission is to ban durable materials for short-life products by creating seaweed based packaging materials, that are designed to disappear. They biodegrade straight after use, naturally and harmlessly. 

mujō X einhorn I 2021

In collaboration with the Berlin-based company Einhorn, we created prototypical packaging for their products (period and condoms). 

mujō X VYLD I 2023

Vyld is a Berlin-based biotechnology startup that develops „tangpons“ from seaweed. For the beta version of their tampon we developed a matching seaweed-based bag. Both the material and the bag design are handmade in Berlin. Each piece is unique.